TCDD launches Hopa-Batumi railway feasibility studies

TCDD launched the Hopa-Batumi railway feasibility studies: Artvin initiated the feasibility study for TCDD for the Hopa-Batumi Railway Project, which was introduced at every meeting of the business world for the last 10 years and finally entered the government's 2023 program draft.
The joint working protocol for the Hopa-Batum railway, signed between Hopaport and Hopa TSO, yielded its first fruit. While Hopa TSO President Osman Akyürek made initiatives within TOBB, another initiative was made by the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union. In the preliminary reports prepared years ago with the initiatives of DKİB President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, it was downloaded from the shelves and put back on the table. Hopaport General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer informed both Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit and CHP Deputy Uğur Bayraktutan about the issue and presented their reports on the issue and the reports of the Hopa-Batum railway project to our country. After these initiatives, TCDD started feasibility studies related to Hopa-Batumi Railway Project.
He sent a letter to HOPAPORT at the TCDD Research, Project and Investment Department, and requested some information. In the letter sent by the TCDD Survey Project and Investment Department, the Feasibility report will be prepared by our facility for the Hopa-Batum railway line, which is planned to be established in order to increase the contribution of the Hopa Port, which has an increasing volume in terms of export and import transactions, to increase its contribution to the economy of our country. In order to prepare the report in question, the potential of the cargo coming to Hopa Port and how much of the incoming cargo is sent to Batumi, the projected cargo carrying potential in case of a railway connection, transportation routes (At what rates this cargo can be sent to Batumi and the Caucasus, Central Asia and China etc.) Railway distances in terms of transport tracks,
If TCDD operates trains in these countries, information is needed based on the data regarding the feasibility preparation, such as the line usage fee to be requested. ” The statement said.


Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:56

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