General Director of TCDD 4 board of directors

TCDD General Manager 4 is a member of the board of directors: There are even bureaucrats at the same time who are board members of the 5 location.
He has been serving as the chairman and general manager of the State Railways for the year 12. He is also a member of the audit committee at Türk Telekom and vice president of the Board of Directors of TTNet. Karaman, these tasks, as well as a thousand pounds in the management of the 10 TURKSAT'ta until April last year until April 7 year was a member of the Board of Directors. Karaman, the first occurred in 2004 Sakarya Pamukova and 41 passengers died in the accelerated train accident came to the agenda of public opinion. After the accident, the opposition urged Karaman to resign, but the then Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan stood behind. During the Karaman period, High Speed ​​Train lines started to operate on the railways. However, high speed trains could not prevent TCDD's record loss. The loss of TCDD increased by 2012 percent 45 2013'te 1,3 billion pounds reached.



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