Daily Visitors Turn to Uludagi Landfill

Visitors to Uludağ is leaving the piles of rubbish behind for visitors who come to Uludağ for a holiday. Uludağ Day is turning into a dumpster because of the rubbish thrown by the holidaymakers. With the longest cable car line of the world's longest cable car, 9, which reaches to the hotel area, is cleaned by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Officers began to clean in the early hours of the morning, nature lovers, the important thing is not to pollute the environment, he said.

Working at a private hotel in Uludağ, Yakup Kaşın said, “We see that it is not possible for vehicles to enter everywhere in the snow exceeding 2 meters. Garbage also attracts wild animals to the region. “Visitors must be respectful to the environment”.