Metro cards will be valid everywhere

Metro cards will be valid everywhere: Elvan reported that they have completed their strategy work on smart transportation systems and have put in place a comprehensive action plan.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, "in Intelligent transport systems are no 4-year training program in Turkey. Our talks with our Higher Education Council regarding this issue continue. I hope we aim to open new departments for smart transportation systems ”.
The "single payment system" in urban public transportation
Elvan said another issue for smart transport systems concerns public transport.
Stating that they have developed systems that make the traffic lights in cities smart, Elvan said, “For example, traffic density may decrease significantly or there may be moments when pedestrians do not cross. Therefore, we continue to work on models that make red, yellow and green light systems even smarter ”.
Pointing out that they are planning to introduce a “single payment system” in urban public transportation, Elvan stated that they want to realize this as a pilot with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and another neighboring municipality.
Stating that they started working on this issue, Elvan said, “For example, a system that allows a citizen who has a metro card in Ankara to use the same card when he goes to Konya or Eskişehir. The clearing system is also designed accordingly. We aim to spread this to all provinces, but primarily we want to implement this between our two provinces on a pilot basis ”.
Minister Elvan, in many aspects of intelligent transportation systems, a device to be placed in the vehicle at the time of the accident, coordinates, where the information such as where to be sent directly to the traffic management center said.

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