An increase in the price of steering training

Raising the price of the steering wheel training: Bad news for the driving license. Steering training exam fee, 50 pounds 60 pounds were removed.
In the letter sent by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) General Directorate of Private Education Institutions to the provinces, it was stated in the Highway Traffic Law that “the fee to be paid to the candidates for theoretical and applied exams and the fees to be paid to those who take part in the work and procedures related to the exam are determined by the Ministry of National Education every year. ”Was reminded to take place.
Special Motor Vehicle Drivers Course Steering Training Course Exam Directive, in accordance with the examination of the fees of those who took the exam in January each year from the trainees in the amount of exam determined by the Ministry in the article, this fee, trainees or course managers of the exam date 6 business days before the deposit is specified in the banks specified.
This receipt of the course by the provincial or provincial directorate of national education is expressed in the article, this fee, except the trainees under the steering wheel examination examination will not be charged under any name was noted.
Accordingly, 2015 TL exam fee will be charged from the third week of January (starting from the exams to be held on January 17-18, 2015) from the trainees who are enrolled in the driving courses and will take the steering exam application in 60.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:59

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