Minister Âlâ Palandökende skiing

Minister Âlâ Palandökende skied: Interior Minister Efkan Âlâ participated in the opening of the season at Konaklı Ski Center. After being a minister for the first time, having enjoyed skiing, Alla took the stone to professional skiers on the runway.

The season opening at Konaklı Ski Center, located in the southern part of Palandöken Ski Center in Erzurum, witnessed colorful scenes. Participating in the ceremony, Minister of Internal Affairs Efkan Âlâ enjoyed skiing at the weekend in his hometown, Erzurum, and had the opportunity to relax away from the busy political agenda.

Minister Âlâ, who came to the ski center under intense security measures, had a hard time wearing his ski shoes. Wearing ski boots with the help of his bodyguards, Minister lâ was surprised by his performance on the tracks. With him Erzurum Governor Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen, and Minister Ilâ, who examined the facilities in the ski center, then enjoyed skiing on the slopes of Konaklı. Journalists who wanted to view Minister Ila sliding had to run after the Minister for a long time in the middle of the runway.

Very good rock from the summit of Ministers on Konakli center, said in a statement to reporters, "Erzurum is one of the most important ski tourism destinations of Turkey. There are all kinds of facilities for skiing in Palandöken Konaklı. Our citizens show great interest to our ski resorts abroad. This is evident from the winter tourism sector in Turkey Order. 40 is close to a million tourists and we have tourism revenues near 32 billion dollars. But we cannot benefit from winter tourism enough. In fact, in this area an important place in Turkey and the world with potential. Erzurum Palandöken is the best destination in this area. We want more attention here. For this we work as municipal governorships and ministries of local administrations. We had an important bed capacity. We got some international contests here. It was the Universiade. EYOWF will be done in the coming period. Therefore, as a private in Erzurum, Turkey year 2019 so often we have to do our utmost to get a share of more than special to tourism ski tourism. Because there is no place in this beauty anywhere in the world. When you get off at the airport you are on the tracks in the 10 minute. This is a great comfort. We are looking for the best way to help tourists coming to Erzurum. We will turn this field into a sector. Both Turkey will win both our Erzurum'u, "he said.


Minister of Interior, stating that he had the opportunity to slip for the first time after becoming Minister, said du He had been skateboarding. I'm sliding for the first time this year. The mountain is so beautiful. Both the sport itself is nice and the runways are very nice. That's great. Some people have not been skiing for more or less 2 years, we could come from top to bottom without causing any accidents. This is not actually our ability to reveal the beauty of the runways. I'm from Erzurum. Erzurumlu from childhood since the need to slide with skis and ski. We used to be made of iron like a skate under the feet. But then, of course, we were interested in skiing in Erzurum. We do it from time to time. Or

The Minister's program on the mountain was closed to the press.

In the meantime, it was learned that the Minister Âlâ would join the Sarıkamış Martyrs' March march to Kars.