Snow covered roads, subcontractors stayed in the class against snow

Snow closed the roads, the subcontractor stayed in the class in the fight against snow: In the first snow of the year, roads closed in many cities. Roads are delayed. Drivers and passengers were stuck in the snow for hours. The underlying reason for all of this was the submission of subcontracting to subcontractors.
Roads closed due to snow in Istanbul, Izmit, Tekirdag and Kirklareli provinces, passengers were stranded in snow near 40 hours. The reason of this ”freckle eron in the first snow of the year is due to the subcontractor system.
The delay in the opening of the snow-covered roads was due to the operation of the subcontractors who took the tenders to give these services. In the announcement made by the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), the crime was put on the drivers with the following words: üler The first snowfall in the region and the inexperience of the drivers in the equipment and equipment, the sliders and scissors on the roads caused further disruption of the traffic flow. and traffic accidents in the form of truck slope occurred in Bursa direction adversely affected the traffic in our roads. ve
There was not only the KGM who put the crime on the driver. The owner of Akpolat Harfiyat Construction Mining and Contracting Limited Company, who is still off the road in Tekirdağ, and the Provincial Vice President for Social Affairs, Ömer Polat also claimed that the offender is the drivers.
The fact that the closed roads are in the subcontractor companies, the roads are given to the tender procedure companies, the tender price is high and the AKP is one of the areas that the tenderer is the manager of the other subcontractor companies point out.
No subcontracting, no snow struggle
With the implementation of the subcontracting system on highways, the same landscape is encountered every year. According to a statement made by Yol Is, last year, subcontractors' work machines are inadequate, workers are inexperienced. The work machines rented from highways are returned at the end of the season and they are scrapped for maintenance.
Speaking to Universal, Yol-Is Trade Union 1 Branch Organization Secretary Şaban Çekil stated that the subcontractor system and road works could not be carried out. Çekil said that a public service has been made and that he is responsible for the safety of passengers in the KGM. Subcontractor, but only the wife who expressed the views of Cekil, neither the passenger nor the worker did not care, he said.
11 bin car was abandoned to rot
Şaban Çekil pointed out that most of the 11 vehicles within the General Directorate of Highways are left to rot, while the vehicles used by subcontractors are old. Çekil, 1998 model and non-necessary tools are used. Last year, the subcontractor of the company's vehicles are not brought to traffic transfer in Kayseri Çekil, "How to make a way to work with these tools," he asked.




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