Ski resorts and transportation

Ski centers and transportation: Without providing services at European standards, the dream of foreign tourists will not go beyond simply increasing the current crowd.

2013-2014 season was a period where almost winter tourism for Turkey. The snow did not fall, the season opened one was closed.

This season, heavy snowfall is an obstacle to transportation! The problem is not in the climate, but in us ...

Snowfall is beautiful; in our warm homes under the blanket or in the ski resort.

Snowfall is very dangerous; While all the drivers who do not have advanced driving technique training are in the traffic, while taking the necessary measures on the roads leading to the ski centers, there is no need to warm up.

10-11 January weekend, Kartalkaya and Uludağ programs were very busy.

While 9th World Snowboard Day activities are being held in Uludağ; Kartalkaya hosted a company, one of the leaders of the world automotive industry, and one of the leading names of insurance companies.

Winter sports enthusiasts and out-of-date visitors who intend to make mountain breaks, especially with institutional densities, intensified transportation on the mountain road.

The mountain road in Kartalkaya and Uludağ was closed and opened due to vehicle breakdowns, fallen trees and accidents. Transportation was constantly disrupted.

On January 11, the greatest density was in Uludağ. Bursa Cable Car line, which was put into service this year for Uludağ transportation, broke down again, and there were very long queues.

Just like our other projects, it was put into service as the longest ropeway in the world. Europe's largest shopping mall, the world's largest courthouse, tallest building, largest living space etc.

Fortunately, we never miss our firsts.

It is not a coincidence that when we call service, business, technology, justice we are not interested in world rankings, we know that there is one we know.

Bed capacity of our mountains, the day visitors can spend time in certain areas. Allowing the intensity of guests above the capacity brings with them great dangers.

Especially Uludağ is flooded with visitors on weekends due to its proximity to Istanbul and its popularity. Of course, it is necessary to analyze the density of skiers and snowboarders who are stuck among these visitors.

The purpose and current situation of the ski resort should be seriously discussed. Since the necessary precautions are not taken, the daily 'picnicians' overflowing the runways bring accidents.

There is a serious turmoil in Uludağ, parking, and the problem of visitors who come for the day and roam freely on the tracks.

In addition to the guests who want to go to the mountain with their own vehicles, the white dream turns into a nightmare.

Loss of time, unnecessary material losses, and the most dangerous ones.

There are very important issues that can be regulated with some simple measures for Uludağ:

1- At the weekend, special vehicles should not be allowed to exit from 07: 00-12: 00 to 15: 00-18: 00. Transportation should be provided in bulk by buses, buses and minibuses.

2- In no case should not be allowed to proceed on the mountain road.

3- The 'illegal chains' who deliberately pour water on the road to get icing should be removed from the mountain roads. Professional chains should be present at points that do not block the road at certain intervals, which are operated by hotels or tour companies.

4- The access of the runways to cafes should be stopped. Skipass should be able to enter and exit the café in front of the runway. Thus, visitors to the slides should be prevented from coming to the track.

5- Other vehicles such as skids, snowmobiles should be allowed to be used only in the areas allocated to them.

6- No skiers or skiers should be removed from the ski lifts.

7- It should not be allowed to leave any car except for parking areas.

8- Parking spaces should be expanded.

9- In order to decrease the cable car density, ticket sales should be made by setting up a reservation system. When the number exceeding the mountain capacity is reached, sales must be closed. No one should wait in the queue at the end of the week.

10- TÜRSAB inspections are carried out more frequently on the mountain road and it is extremely important to prevent illegal tour companies.

If we apply and inspect these very simple materials, we can ensure the traffic problem and runway safety in Uludağ in the first place.

In addition, it is necessary to examine the security problems on the tracks separately. The lack of conscious personnel brings many ski lifts and teleski accidents. Trained personnel, work safety, road safety are the issues we need to solve in the first place.

Without providing services at European standards, the dream of foreign tourists will not go beyond merely increasing the current crowd.