Sincik-Malatya Road is taken to the Highways Network

Sincik-Malatya Road is taken to the Network: Ak Parti Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin, Sincik-Malatya road to the network of highways said.
AK Party group vice president Ahmet Aydin, Nisibbi Bridge Adiyaman to examine the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan Sincik-Malatya road to take the road network, he said. Expressing that Sincik will be a region where both historical, cultural and faith tourism will be developed together, Ahmet Aydın, the Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group, said that Sincik would become an important intersection and that this path would change the history and fate of Sincik.
Aydin, lard Sincik-Malatya road to be taken to the network of roads, Adıyaman bureaucrats and regional directorate of the General Directorate of Highways had asked him to offer and they had made the proposal. I also met with the General Director of Highways to take this road to the Highways network, I received the offer letter. I recently delivered this request to Mr. Minister on an airplane while he was coming to Adıyaman to make observations at the Nisibbi bridge with our Minister of Foreign Affairs. Because this is going to be a long distance road. Therefore, I told him that he should be taken from the Special Administration and taken to the Highways network in order to be a road in the highways standards and not in the village standards. Then the Mayor Mehmet Korkut came, Mr. Minister presented the issue, Mr. Minister, "Ahmet bey said, God willing, we will solve it," he promised. We take this road to the highways network. We will make Sincik-Malatya road much higher standards. The Sincik attraction center will consist. After he comes to highways standards on the road, he will favor the road because it is much shorter distance than Kahta, Gerger, Siverek and surrounding cities. Sincik's most important expectations were one of his demands. Mr. Minister said ok, we have given the exact instructions, start the process. Those who come through Nisibbi Bridge will be used this way through Sincik and will indeed become a center of attraction. The road is civilization. The double bridge between Nisibbi Bridge and Kahta will make a tremendous path. I hope through that road connection Malatya road will be very active, Sincik will become an important intersection. So I think this is something that will change the history, the fate of Sincik, I think it would be better for Sinjik. Yani

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