Siirtte Construction of the End of the Stopped Environmental Road

End of the construction of Siirt stopped Discontinued Path of Sorrow: Siirt, the construction of the new 4 stopped a month ago, the construction of debris and garbage returned to the pile.
According to the information obtained, the road works, which were started in 2011 to prevent the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles in Siirt city center, but started without expropriation, was stopped by the court 4 months ago. Vineyard owners on the route through which the ring road passes said that the construction residues spilling on the road randomly threatened the vineyards. The owner of the vineyard named Nimetullah Demir complained that the garbage and rubble piles dumped on the road threatened the environment and that no solution was produced despite repeated complaints to the relevant units. Demir said, “If the environmental problem is not prevented, the road can be completely closed with a pile of garbage. When the ring road was defendant, the studies stopped for about 4-5 months. Some malevolent people bring waste from the construction and dump it here. If it goes like this, the ring road will turn into rubble dumping area ”.


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