A signature campaign for women-specific transportation in Konyada was launched

A petition was launched for a special transportation vehicle for women in Konya: The Felicity Party Seljuk Youth Branch initiated a petition demanding a "special transportation vehicle for women".
The Saadet Party, Seljuk Geçlik Kolları, launched a signature campaign with the demand of “a private transportation tool for women”. Sefa Flow, Head of District Youth Branch, said, “Our sisters are negatively affected by the density of public transportation vehicles. Public transport for women is a must, not a luxury. ”
Saadet Party members made a press statement in front of the Metropolitan Municipality with the request of “a private transportation vehicle for women”. The event, organized by Seljuk Youth Branches, was attended by Sefa Taşbaşı, the Chairman of the Provincial Youth Branches of the Felicity Party, Sefa Flow, the head of the Seljuk Youth Branches, and many parties. "The public transport for women is not a luxury but a must," said Sefa Flow, the head of the Seljuk Youth Branch, who made the announcement on behalf of the party. Stating that Konya is a flat plain, there are many problems in the public transportation point. As of 106, according to the figures announced by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 448 million people have been moved by tram. These figures show that the number of people using public transportation in Konya is quite high. But the loss of quality and time in public transportation is known to all of us and all the people of Konya. ”
Flow, especially for women and mothers of the tram and the bus has become an ordeal to express the flow, continued his speech continued: se This ordeal and persecution continues exponentially. At certain times of the day, especially in the morning and evening, the intensity of going to and from school turns out to be unbearable. In addition, our elderly and elderly uncles, disabled and pregnant brothers and sisters in trams and buses turn into a cruelty. We would like to point out that our brothers and sisters, mothers of our brothers and sisters to travel in trams and busses are bothering us and we would like to express that they are experiencing many difficulties in this thrust. Recently, we hear and see that there are cases of harassment in public transportation by some immoral and psychopathic people. Those who use these trams and buses are our mothers and daughters, and all the people of Konyalı. We live, hear and see this problem.
Flow, which implies that women's private public transport is practiced in developed countries, said: en We think that the problem will be solved with a limited number of women. In this context, many NGOs and political party representatives we met to eliminate this disgrace in public transportation have supported us. We are starting this campaign with the motto of public transportation which is unique to women and we are launching a signature campaign until Sunday and we are waiting for the support of the people of Konya. The higher the quality of public transportation, the shorter the transportation time and the more comfortable transportation instead of the crammed trolleys and buses, and especially if our mothers and sisters can travel more comfortably, our people use so much in public transportation and the vehicle traffic density is reduced. Flow, added that the campaign signature stands will be opened at various points of the city.

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  1. It is very difficult to understand the attempt to hurt the mind. Where does this start and end? Who can draw these limits?
    Although the claim may seem reasonable, it is the necessity of the fact that the points that disturb women are also in Konya, as in every civilized country. Public transport such as tram, bus-is not a Women-Bath. Of course, their comfort and reliable travels are the most basic and desirable. The main thing is that this sağlan confidence and adaptation% environment can be provided by 100 by the operating institutions and security forces. This is not possible for the environment, not only for women, especially children and the elderly, the docket is unacceptable to all of us.

  2. If the subject is density and congestion, then the claim is to ask for a large number of vehicles that will eliminate this density and / or to provide them with the flexibility to operate in the most flexible manner. If there is another reason behind this request, I am sorry, it is more appropriate to carry out the transportation with the special vehicle and the guard.