TCDD report from the Court of Accounts to confuse Ankara

TCDD report from the Court of Accounts to confuse Ankara: The Court of Accounts gave a report of "TCDD's expenditures are illegal" for the expenses of TCDD, which increased by XNUMX percent in a year.
The Court of Auditors found that the representation expenses of TCDD increased by one percent in one year. Moreover, in the 2013 it was determined that a part of the representation cost of the institution is about one million TL. It was not possible to determine how much of the expenses were made by receipts, how much of the bills and how much of the expenses. According to the TCA report, TCDD's 2012 Thousand TRY representation expense in 488 was 2013 Thousand in 975. Two year difference was 487 thousand TL.
The highlight of the 100 percent increase in the number of representations and hospitality expenses that need to be documented with receipts and invoices was documenting a part of the expenses. It is not known how much of these expenses are billed and how much of this expenditure was made with the minutes. Member of the KIT Commission CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, state spending procedures, laws, regulations, stating that such a procedure, the Court of Accounts said that these expenses were not made in accordance with the procedures.
Akar brought the issue to the agenda in the KIT commission the previous day when the TCDD Court of Auditors report was discussed and asked the General Manager Süleyman Karaman why some of the expenses were made in minutes. Haydar Akar, bills, invoices and minutes with the minutes of the report requested to be notified. General Manager Karaman said that he would report to the commission in writing.




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