Traffic Signaling Works Started at Saraycık Junction

Traffic Signaling Works at the Saraycık Junction: The traffic signaling works were started at the Junction of the Bozüyük Ring Road.
As a result of the initiatives of Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı and the positive meetings he had with the Regional Directorate of Highways, traffic signaling works were started on Saraycık Street. Providing information on the subject, Mayor Bakıcı said, “Our Saraycık Junction has many large and small kazanIt was a crossroads where the disaster occurred and many of our citizens were injured or financially damaged. The works we started to make this intersection safer gave positive results and our traffic signaling works started. Therefore, I would like to thank our Regional Directorate of Highways for their support. Good luck to all our citizens," he said.
The intersection where many financially damaged and injured accidents have been initiated by the Regional Directorate of Highways; to be made much more secure with the traffic signaling work to minimize accidents is aimed. Traffic signaling; It will be commissioned on all secondary and main roads, including the Saraycık road bridge crossing, highway entrance exits, bridge entrance exits.


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