The Sabuncubeli Tunnel was disappointing

Sabuncubeli Tunnel was disappointing: CHP Manisa Deputy Özgür Özel made an investigation at the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was halted after the contractor firm's bankruptcy announcement.
Reminding that the workers are not paid, Özel said, her The tunnel is shrinking and collapsing every day with the pressures from the bottom and the top. If the workers do not interfere with a new tender or state, both workers will be a victim and this will be wasted. Eğer
The work of the construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which will reduce the distance between Manisa-Izmir and 15 minutes of General Directorate of Highways, has stopped on 1 November 2014 due to the contracting firm's demand for bankruptcy due to economic problems and not being able to pay the subcontractors. CHP Manisa deputy Ozgur OZ, the status of the work to stop the 1500 meter to see the progress made progress.
Underlining that there are two types of victimization with the stop of the work in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel Special, the CHP said, birlikte First of all we are faced with the victim's victimization. The 200 worker's quarterly salaries are still inside. 20 workers can not get a salary for five months. All activities of the company have stopped. The workers are victims. Due to the fact that the analyzes were not done correctly, the works were disrupted due to the series landslides occurring in the tunnel 3. The company also stopped the activities because they could not bear the costs. 1 is not working since November. They have three months' receivables, Üç he said.
He Said He Were Turning On His Imagination
Underlining that the Sabuncubeli Tunnel is considered to be a crazy project, the CHP Special,'n We spent wealth here. Once again, we can see that there are collapses and splits in the tunnel. The national fortune was abandoned to its fate. Spraying concrete is thrown, so bangs around the edges. Prime Minister Tansu Ciller, 25 December 1995'den Manisa when he came 'Let's break Sabuncu's waist,' he asked. Manisa also gave the answer 'break'. The state's struggle to break the back of this Sabuncu 20 has been going on for years. But they still couldn't. They said the tunnel was a 'crazy project' but unfortunately this crazy project was a big disappointment. T
The tunnel should be completed as soon as possible, but the tender method criticizing the Special, “Of course, this project is done, this tunnel must be completed when the money is allocated. But unfortunately, we see a lot of the application we see a lot recently, bad planning, delivery to the address, non-transparent tenders are encountered here as well. For example, in the tunnels of the mansion, progress was made. There was also a nuisance about the ground. But somehow it was completed. But in the tunnel of the Sabuncubeli firm took the tender. In every failure, the company thinks that the company has suffered losses and finally gives bankruptcy Çıkan. They said that they went to the last point where the work was done in the tunnel. Tunnel is shrinking and collapsing every day with the pressures coming from the top and bottom. If the workers do not interfere with a new tender or state, both workers will be a victim and this will be wasted. Eğer
CHP in the Manisa part of the tunnel in the last three months, two-time collapse that draws attention to the Special, ında liquefaction on the floor occurs. The entrance of the tunnel in Manisa was drowned twice in the last three months. After a very short time it was again a dent. The fact that there is no loss of life is a miracle. After that, a correct project is done and a correct tender is opened and the project must be completed quickly. The salaries of the workers there must be paid immediately. A part of the working staff went to İş-Kur and filed a petition. Is-Kur officials, 'Up to three months of your receivables will be able to pay the work-exchange'. However, the date of the payment is not given information about the given, yap he said.

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