Romanian cable thieves paralyze train operations

Romanian cable thieves paralyzed trains: In Denmark, trains were canceled due to cable harnesses. In a week, two of the Romanians were caught in the cable lines with millions of crowns on the lines near the Hundige, Köge, Armarken and Hilleröd stations.
State Railways DSB'den statement made only on Wednesday Wednesday due to theft of thousands of people work and school in the morning hours, noting that the passengers were reported to be placed on the 100 bus next time. Thieves steal 400 weight cable on Wednesday, DSB SözcüTony Bispeskov said, bu In the 5 robbery that took place last Friday from Friday until Friday, millions of kroners have been stolen. In order to prevent passengers from being stranded, we set up bus schedules instead of canceled flights, but people could not go to their jobs or schools or they went late. Not only the cable money, instead of stolen cables to be installed in the new ones, the bus for the passengers put the DSB to damage millions of crowns. Eastern European countries should be told to stop the cable theft. We asked the authorities to help. Yet
The stranded passengers in the social networking sites, the thieves of high-flow prayer to die, East European countries to the EU to write a great mistake was written
The police, who raided the scrap dealers, identified cables stolen from the DSB in a scrap dealer in Amager, Copenhagen. It turned out that the cables were sold by East Europeans. The police set out from the information received from the train tracks and the information obtained from the scrap dealers, and detained two Romanian citizens. Two people were arrested and deported for cable theft before, and it was found that they were banned from entering the 5 year. Social Democrat Transport Minister Magnus Heunicke stated that stolen copper cables are being replaced by aluminum cables. In Copper cables were making money, but aluminum cables are not worth the money. But thieves steal without looking into the cable, it happens to the passengers. Canceling train services. We will find a legal solution to this problem. Thieves will be severely punished. The police are conducting the investigation to catch the criminals. It is not enough just to take precautions, and the land market that buys cable in Europe must be destroyed as well Sadece. Copper cables are reported to be sold in 40 Euros (5,5 Euro).

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