Warning to contractor contractors who are insufficient to fight snow

Warning to contractor companies that are insufficient in combating snow: Governor Ahmet Altıparmak stated that he received many complaints that the anti-snow teams were late in intervening on closed roads and asked the contractors who received the tender to be warned.
General Directorate of Highways to combat the work of combating the profits of private firms brought along problems. The passengers were stranded along with heavy snowfall and lar roads were not opened for hours lar. Governor Ahmet Altıparmak, the highways on the road to the teams engaged in the fight against snow in the direction of intervening in the direction of a number of complaints by noting that the Highways 12. The Regional Director asked Turgut Aydın to warn the contractors who took the tender.
Vavli Altıparmak, 12 Regional Director of Highways Turgut Aydın, giving instructions to take all measures for immediate response to roads in possible snowfall, Citizens' teams do not work. They don't take some risks ” Warn contractors. I'll tell you about the rescue and hospitality, but let them do whatever it takes to intervene in closed roads, Mahs he said. Regional Director Aydin said that the necessary warning will be made to companies engaged in the fight against snow.



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