Two-way road is being re-tender

İkisu-Şiran road is being re-tendered: The two-way highway of Xium-Xili-Xilix, which will provide direct links to Gumushane and Siran district, has been under construction for many years.
The highway will be re-auctioned for the 64-kilometer-two-way highway, which will provide direct links to Gümüşhane and Şiran district.
AK Party Deputy Gümüşhane Assoc. Kemalettin Aydin, on the road to İkisu-Şiran 64 kilometers of the end of the asphalt in the end of the asphalt, all the infrastructure is completed, stating that the asphalt infrastructure of the 59-5 km is ready and will be done with spring asphalt, he said.
25-30 million pounds for the road in a statement left, indicating that the Ministry of Transport has taken a decision to re-tender Aydın, by the end of the new tender until the end of summer until the end of the summer planned to complete said.
Deputy Aydin, the current contractor firm until the end of the tender work, the discovery of the increase in the work done, along with the new tender will start a new process, he said.
Aydin, on the road at the level of the village of Gümüşkaya and the so-called Mirrored Bend in the region called the dangerous bend will be passed through the tunnel and this place is included in the new tender, he added.



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