Sabuncubeli Tunnel Reappears

Sabuncubeli Tunnel Re-Tender: Izmir Highways 2. Regional Manager Abdulkadir Uraloglu, Manisa-Izmir between the 15 to reduce the time between the construction of the 2011 began in 4 2014 XNUMX date of the company's bankruptcy on the date of the end of the work for the transfer of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel to the end of the process ended tomorrow evening.
Manisa Provincial Coordination Board meeting held in Manisa Provincial Coordination Board meeting under the presidency of Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloglu, the Sabuncubeli Tunnel recently said that a public sensitivity occurred.
Reminding that 4 bin 70 meter double tube tunnel is 6,5 kilometers with connection roads, Uraloğlu said, tünel We aimed to finish it in 2016 and started our works. 4 2014 560 486 27 a thousand times in the next thousand thousand meters, the next one thousand XNUMX meters. However, the contractor firm has stopped working because of the bankruptcy. This work must be transferred to another company or terminated. The last additional time extensions were given until tomorrow evening (XNUMX January Tuesday).
So far, no buyer. It has not been realized until now. Either it wasn't enough or it didn't work. The last day tomorrow night. Probably tomorrow evening will be terminated and re-tender. Muhtemelen
X The duration of the 12 year was 11 month 11 day, N said Uraloğlu. It was construction time in three years. That auction now seems to be terminated yet another development does not seem right now. The new tender can be taken into the national budget, and can be done by build-operate-transfer. According to the decision of our Ministry, our Directorate General will clarify this decision after this week and the process will be started. The contractor has 20 equity on his own percentage. They do not claim a right to them and there is a quantity guarantee. We assume the 80 rate of the loan of his business. The firm has already received the loan. He has already had a criminal loss as much as 20. There are three months of labor receivables. Regarding this, our company is not directly responsible for the contract, but we follow as human. So far, there has been no improvement in the payment of workers' money. Some companies will be born, the account will be born. The company will be paid for it will probably be in question. "He said.
Uraloglu continued:
Gerçek If we can perform this tender process in a period of two months, we will complete this project again in 2016. I don't think we'il have a lot of hanging. The remaining 2 bin 500 meters. The rest is down, up to 100-150 million pounds. Considering that made 11 billion pounds of investment in Turkey last year from the road so not a lot of money for the tunnel 150 million Sabuncubeli. "



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