Preparations in all ski resorts in the city are ok

Preparations in all the ski resorts in the city is ok: Bitlis, those who know the opportunity to snowfall flock to the ski resorts in the city, citizens said the solution process contributed to the ski sport.

After the week-long sunny weather in the city at night and the effect of snowfall at night with the effect of snow all day long, the opportunity to snow skiing in the citizens, the weekend of the weekend with families preferred to spend in ski resorts. Families, Nemrut and Erhan Onur Güler ski resorts, citizens, skiing, enjoyed the weekend to the full.

Yalçın Sözbilici, the General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration reminded the journalists that during the autumn months they conducted a feverish study at the ski resorts in the city. Sözbilici expressed that they are preparing the winter ski resorts by organizing the construction of the ski slopes in the province and said: kış We carried out a study of the Special Provincial Administration in order to enable the citizens to ski on the beautiful and reliable tracks in Bitlis in the winter. All the ski resorts in the city are ready. Yesterday evening with the snow in the snow today, think that the center will be mobility, after the morning prayer of the day with the first lights of our teams run a snow crushing on the runways. The runways were prepared as a result of the 3 hour. Citizens flocked to our ski resorts over the weekend with their families. Skiing in Bitlis is another. Ski lovers from outside the province are expecting our province, "he said.

Sahin Günbay who loves the opportunity to know the weekend, 'The solution process will increase the number of such facilities and provide people to come here in the middle of the show. I think this will contribute to the solution process in the sense that people between east and west are involved. I think it would be good to take the tourism steps for the consolidation of the brotherhood is good for our organization, 'he said.