Wooden Fences in Ski Areas

Wooden Fence in Ski Areas Instead of File: Kayseri Tourism Enterprises Association Board Member Mehmet Eğlenceoğlu, ski centers instead of wooden fences, absorbing bumps should be used, he said. Eğinoglu, "the life of the young man who lost his life in Palandoken hit a percentage of the death of the death occurred." He said.

A child in Bursa Uludağ and the loss of a student in Erzurum Palandöken caused the attention to be turned into security measures in ski resorts. Issues such as wooden fence in ski resorts and insufficient warning signs on the tracks have been raised. Board Member of Kayseri Tourism Enterprises Association Mehmet Entertainment, skiing is actually one of the most unsafe sports, he said. Pointing out that accidents may occur from time to time in this sport, oğlu What is important is to increase the measures. If the ski resorts will get more shares from tourism, they should be more careful about the health and safety of the visitors. Alacak

Eğlenceoğl the start of Turkey's new emphasis on skiing, the young people who lost their lives that should not be crossed in Palandöken ski resorts in the wooden fence, he said. Recreation in a similar accident in Palandöken before, again, reminded that a woman who lost entertainment Eğiroglu, “After seeing these accidents more flexible and shock absorbing materials to absorb safety should be taken. It is important to take lessons from them. Lard

Eğinoglu, the death of the student who hits the place instead of wood in the case of the 90 result of death is not expected to result in death, he said. After the accident, it will be easier to talk to the Entertainment, Palandöken Ski Center address the weaknesses of the administration showed the weakness. Just as in Erciyes'de there as well as the mountain administration to be collected in one hand, he added. He stated that security measures, including the newly opened runways in Erciyes Ski Center, are at the highest level. Olduğun Especially the areas around the sled, ski and dangerous areas against injuries are surrounded by nets. After a certain time in the evening against the disappearance of the runways are emptied by officials. Karşı

Noting that the majority of the citizens of the mountain is ill-advised of the funeral, citizens warned. She said:: The rules set out in the ski resorts should be followed. Definitely wear a helmet. The use of helmets is as important as the safety belt in vehicles. Clothing must also be suitable for winter conditions. Wear snow goggles and gloves. It is important that citizens who do not have inexperienced experience do not leave the designated runway. Should not slip in unknown places.

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