Piyer Loti Cable Car Line Comes to Miniatürk

about pier loti hill
about pier loti hill

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın, who came together with the hairdressers of Eyüp, gave the good news of the cable car from Pierre Loti to Miniatürk, and the tram from Eminönü to Alibeyköy.

Eyüplü tradesmen and craftsmen at every opportunity to come together to listen to their problems, exchanges views Remzi Aydin Eyup, Ottoman Park Social Facilities came together with Eyüplü hairdressers. Breakfast program, AK Party Eyup District Chairman Suleyman Aykac, Istanbul Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Şükrü Akyüz and Barber working in Eyüp district attended.

Reminding that the barbers are all-knowing, very important craftsmen who hold the pulse of the people very well, President Remzi Aydın said,, The image of our district is rising with your art. Barbershop is a profession that wants great craftsmanship. You, the people, the people who read, some degree of the people who read the future. Many actions, I think you should know many projects first. You're gonna tell the people. I declare my honorary ambassadors if you are allowed. Siz

In her speech, summarized the work done after the election in Eyüp, culture, art, social work in the field of social work, education, projects in the field of transportation told everything.

Emphasizing that he attaches great importance to the education of young people and children and gives priority to education, culture, art, sports and social services, Remzi Aydın said: “Our 10-20 year old project for our children includes their time outside of school to be interested in fine arts and sports. By establishing youth centers in every neighborhood and even on every street, we will ensure that our children use their energies in beneficial areas and protect them from harmful habits. We established the Social Services Department in our municipality. It is a big directorate with 21 chiefs. Sociologists, psychologists, and many more of our employees serve in this center. We do not want any of our citizens living in Eyüp to worry about their future. When you wake up the next morning, how to fill your stomach, how to deal with health problems, etc. He will not think that he will solve it… We have created an environment where everyone can be said to be safe in Eyüp. We will be very happy if you visit our center. This model is a first in Turkey.

We provide personnel and in-kind support to the center of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies opened in Alibeyköy. Now, our citizens who have jobs related to this ministry in Eyüp do not have to go to the surrounding districts. Our Social Service Center and Şefkat Eli store opposite Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School also support those in need in our district. In the career center, employment opportunities are offered for unemployed Eyüp residents in cooperation with İŞKUR and the private sector. Seminars, conferences, coal, food, daily hot food etc. We are providing social assistance. In these centers, we have created a structure in which our Ministry of Family and Social Policies, District Governorship, Municipality, IMM and volunteers act together. .Hopefully, this model, which we have achieved for the first time, will become widespread in Turkey. Eyüp Sultan leads the way. I beg you to tell these to the Jobites.”

Remzi Aydın also mentioned the transportation services in Eyüp in the breakfast program and also gave tram gauges to Pınar Loti, to the Miniatürk, to the cable car from Eminönü to Alibeyköy.

Stating that the Ministry of Transport and the IMM Rail Systems Department are producing projects one after the other to ease the transportation in Istanbul, Mayor Aydın continued his words as follows: “Eyüp will be a great district in transportation in 3-4 years. Bağcılar Gayrettepe metro construction continues, the metro will have 4 separate stops in our district. I hope we will be able to use this subway in 2.5 years. You know that the world's largest airport is being built on the borders of Eyüp. It is a magnificent project that engineering faculties are examining, and both vehicles and trains will pass through it. It will open towards the end of 2017. There is also a fast tram project for Eyüp. The tram from Eminönü to Alibeyköy will provide transportation along the coast. Behind Alibeyköy Stadium, which will be connected to each other by metro in Alibeyköy. This will end in 3 years. The Airport-Aksaray-Bayrampaşa-Feshane tram line will pass in front of Topçular, Demirkapı and reach Eminönü. The cable car descending from Pierre Loti to Eyüp will cross over to Miniatürk. As for the issue of urban transformation; There are some speculations, but we will work with public institutions such as KİPTAŞ and İBB in the urban transformation to be made in Eyüp, we will never make our citizens victimized, and we will create a modern city concept with social facilities, parks, parking lots and contemporary living spaces. There are examples in many districts of Istanbul. Our citizens trust us in this regard. I would be happy if you could tell them too.

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