Palandökan drops artificial avalanches for safety of tracks

They make artificial avalanches for the safety of the tracks in Palandöken: Artificial avalanche falling, snow layer analyzes and controls are meticulously carried out every day on the tracks by the avalanche survey commission at Palandöken Ski Center.

For the safety of skiers, measures are taken by the avalanche survey commission at Palandöken Ski Center, as well as daily snow layer analyzes on the tracks, by reducing artificial avalanches.

In Palandöken, which is one of the most important ski resorts in the world, the team formed with the participation of the geology engineer, Palandöken Gendarmerie Station Commander, 3 search and rescue technicians from AFAD, representatives from the privatization administration, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and hotels, is working for the safety of the runways.

In Palandöken, where the work started at 03.00:XNUMX, snow layer analyzes are carried out by the team under the leadership of a geological engineer, and artificial avalanches are created when there is an avalanche danger.

An explosive device consisting of oxygen and propane gas is ignited by spark plugs.

In the ski center with a total of 12 tracks, 8 skis are always open. In Palandöken Ski Center, where the measures are taken, the commission decides whether the tracks will be opened when there is wind and heavy snowfall, and artificial snow will be made on the tracks with low snow levels.

Erdem Aydoğan, Geological Engineer of Ski Safety and Avalanche Study Commission, told reporters that the commission was composed of 8 persons, including search and rescue technician, neologist, observer and runner.

Aydoğan explained that by controlling the avalanche paths on the tracks, activating the area with artificial blasts in advance in case of any avalanche and ensuring the safety of the skiers, Aydoğan said, “By taking the profile of the snow layers, we determine which snow mass consisting of layers is weak and intervene accordingly.

Erzurum Deputy Governor Omar Hilmi Yamlı evaluated the situation of the runway separately by the commission, whether the danger of an avalanche in the first place, whether the security measures are taken, and finally whether the runway is suitable to shift said.

According to the report prepared, Yamlı stated that the ski slopes are decided separately and said, “If we can complete the tracks that we see problematic in terms of safety between 07.00 and 09.00, we complete those deficiencies. If we cannot complete it, we close the track for skiing that day. If there is a storm or heavy snow during the day, our commission will make a re-evaluation and decide whether it will be closed. This commission is collected every morning at 07.00:08.15. "Reports are submitted to the hotels and the privatization administration at XNUMX:XNUMX at the latest."

- University student hitting the snow curtain and dying

Yamlı stated that the tracks were closed at 16.00 and that they were completely closed after 18.00.

A journalist, the university student died by crashing into the curtain, stating that the night security measures taken, whether or not Yamlı, replied:

“We do not allow to go to the tracks in the evenings, and we will not do it from now on. There are people going out for sightseeing. You can see that he doesn't go out for skiing because he doesn't have skiing. They go out for a photo. We were also very sorry for our lost citizens. Necessary precautions were taken, but when three, four, and five negativities combined like this when we removed the mat and skied on it at 23.00:22.00 on a closed track, an incident we did not want occurred. We are not allowed to go out anymore, even for a normal tour after XNUMX:XNUMX. "

Tourists can ski with peace of mind and will of the citizens expressing Yaml, "perhaps in Erzurum ski resorts in the world, one of the safest places in Turkey. We say this both as people who take measures here and as people who ski with their families. "No vulnerabilities will be allowed at the security point."

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