Dam overflowing the overhead train (Photo Gallery)

The overflowing water freight train overturned the dam: The rescue and damage assessment of the overhead train was started as a result of the explosion of the water channel of the hydroelectric power plant.
Rescue and damage assessment work was initiated for the freight train that was overturned as a result of the explosion of the water channel belonging to the hydroelectric power plant in Karabük.
In the examination, it was determined that 50 of the 11 coal-laden wagons were toppled along with 2 locomotives. It turned out that the empty locomotive and some of the wagons were overthrown into the Yenice River, and the locomotive was lost in the river by being caught in the current. Work was initiated to remove the locomotive and other wagons that fell over the edge of the stream together with the machinists. While the wagons are tried to be lifted with cranes and construction equipment, repair work is also carried out on the railway. The damaged 50-meter railway is filled with excavation by trucks.

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