Ordu Sivas Highway Completed

Ordu Sivas Highway Is About To Be Completed: The historical Dereyway between Ordu and Sivas, which has been planned to be built since the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, is finally completed. The road project that NATO prevented during the cold war period will start from Ordu and end in Iskenderun.
In the 1875 for the first time was brought up during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, 1880 in 2. The Army-Sivas road, whose project has been designed during the reign of Abdülhamid, but which could not be realized due to wars and lack of money, and which was prevented by NATO from fearing that Soviet tanks would fall into hot zones, continues in full swing despite the harsh conditions of the hard and rugged geography of the Black Sea.
The existing Ordu-Sivas road was very tiring and troublesome, and the winter was closed frequently due to snow because it passes through high altitudes, although it was planned about 140 years ago due to political and social reasons, it could not be done due to political and social reasons, and in a possible Russian occupation during the cold war, its tanks were Dereyolu, which was blocked by NATO for fear of its easy access to Anatolia, is today the Ordu province stage of the 775 km Black Sea-Mediterranean road between Ordu and Iskenderun. The ongoing work on the route, which is called the 'Dereyolu' among the people and whose total length is 88 km in the difficult geographical conditions of the Black Sea, continues despite NATO. Mehmet Çetin, 7th Regional Director of Highways, noted that the 13-kilometer divided road between Ordu and Uzunisa was put into service in 2010 within the scope of the 'Dereyolu' works, and that it continued intermittently on the route from Uzunisa to Topçam. Stating that there will be 15 tunnels with a length of approximately 25 km on this route, Çetin said, “The length of the 775 km axle starting from Ordu and ending in İskenderun is 88 km within our regional borders. The Ordu exit of the road was completed as 13 km divided road and 41.8 km as a single road. The total cost of the project is estimated to be approximately 540 million TL, and the project includes 14 tunnels of 879 thousand 25 meters in length. As of the end of 2014, the remaining project amount is 193 million TL. 2014 million TL was spent in 59 ”.
3.5 HOURS ROAD WILL FALL IN 1.5 HOURS Thanks to the historical Dereyolu, which is the shortest road that will connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, built by Turkish engineers by piercing the mountains like Ferhat, the Ordu-Mesudiye road, which is still 114 kilometers and full of dangerous bends, will drop to 88 kilometers. In addition, the 3.5-hour Mesudiye-Ordu route will also be reduced to 1.5 hours. Ordu-Sivas road, which is 325 km and takes 5 hours, will be reduced to 2.5 hours.
THE FUTURE OF THE STORES: Highways 7. According to the information provided by the Regional Director Mehmet Çetin, the works of Dereyolu construction consisting of 5 separate stage are as follows:
“1st Stage (Ordu-Uzunisa) - 13 km route was put into service in 2010 as a double road.
2.Etap (Uzunisa- Gümüşköy) - 15 km (2 m) is also known as 10A. Within the scope of the project, 6 2 m tunnel, 259 m viaduct is located. The cost of the project is 370 million TL. 130 mm cutting was completed during 2011.
3.Etap (Gümüşköy-Pınarlı) - This 20 km-long route was built by DSI during the period of the former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources M. Hilmi Güler at 2A (10 m). The total length of this section is the 6 pieces tunnel with 757 bin 13 m. The shortcomings in the road will be made within the scope of the tender of Topçam-Mesudiye road.
4th Stage (Pınarlı-Topçam) - This 11 km long road was expanded by DSİ without a project within the scope of Topçam Dam in 3A standard (8 m). When it was not possible to reach this road, its project was made in 2A (10 m) standard. The project includes 2 tunnels with a total length of 2 thousand 608 m. The project cost 135 million TL, and a supply tender was held at the beginning of 2015. In 2014, 7.2 km of section was completed at the surface coating level.
Stage 5 (Topçam junction - Mesudiye) - 20 km road was tendered to be constructed as a highway in 1A (12 m) standard. There are 3 tunnels of 290 thousand 4 m in length within the project ”.

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