Skiing education for students

Training on ski races for the students: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality started to provide training to the successful 400 student as a rationing gift to enable the encouragement of skiing.

Students who were taken from the city center by buses within the scope of the education program were taken to Konaklı Ski Center. Later, the first lessons were given by the instructors to the students who were dressed in their uniforms.

Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Ali Rıza Kiremitci said that more than 400 students will receive ski training in three separate groups twice a week, and each student will be given 2 hours of basic ski training.

Kiremitci stated that they gave this opportunity as a gift to the students and said:

“Lunch and ski clothes are met by our municipality from the transfer of students. After the semester break, our ski programs for schools will continue. We will take our students from schools within the program. The children who will be taken under the supervision of physical education teachers will be given basic ski training in Konaklı and Palandöken ski centers under the supervision of instructors. There is a perception that skiing and some sports are rich sports. It was said that they would come and go after skiing or doing other sports, and they would not contribute to the city. We stated that this perception is wrong, that we can mingle with the local and foreign tourists, and that we can make our children and people love this sport.

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