The collective struggle in metropolises

📩 01/12/2018 16:34

Mass struggle in metropolitan areas: Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Department of Rail Systems Engineering Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, X Metro and rail systems are used by 1 million 600 thousand people per day. Thanks to metros, at least 250 thousand vehicles are being withdrawn from traffic. 60 minutes of every 40 minute in traffic are lost. Land transportation is the first in terms of general transportation types. This is followed by rail systems. Marine transport is the latest, en he concluded.
The annual cost of the delay in traffic is around 6.5 billion liras and the conclusion of Söylemez is that it is important and important to consider. Turkey's annual exports taken 22.2 billion dollars and ranks first measures to reduce dependence on imports in the automotive industry, to develop indigenous technology steps were taken in one hand, the focus retreat to and fuel efficiency to the lower limit of the dependence on energy between financial measures.
In order for all of these studies to give rational results, the traffic fright must be braked. almost close to half of Turkey's population lives in big cities 5. It is a fact that the arrangements to be made in these cities, especially Istanbul, will offer a significant gain.
Alternative studies such as the reproduction of rail systems, making air travel attractive, and the dissemination of maritime transport with an appropriate price policy will be an important step for economic gains. We should not miss new vehicle technologies while trying to pull 20 vehicles from the market by taking scrap out of year and above. In Europe and the Far East, we need to catch this speed in transportation as soon as we move to air metro works.
In the last 5 annual process, people moved to the rail system in large cities. Increasing this orientation means that thousands of vehicles are withdrawn from traffic. It is necessary to offer attractive transportation to download the citizen from his / her vehicle and carry it to public transport. Staying in traffic is both health and economy. It is inevitable that social struggle will be made for the 'collective' solution in transportation.


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