Medel Electronics

Medel Electronics
Founded in 1994, MEDEL Electronics Company offers more than 400.000 products manufactured in its production facility in Istanbul to the whole world with its sales and marketing network operating in Asia, Middle East and Balkans as well as in Turkey. MEDEL Electronic, 20 engineer, 70 technician, 105 m4000 with total 2 employees, AC Motor Vector Speed ​​Control, DC Motor Speed ​​Control, Railway Applications, Shipyard Applications, Edge Control, Tension Control, Camera Control, Register Control, Automation and automation applications, electronic measurement / control cards and 25 years of experience in industrial automation applications.
In our company since 1999 projects are being carried out for railway applications. TÜVASAŞ (Adapazarı), TCDD (Ankara, Haydarpaşa-İstanbul), TÜLOMSAŞ (Eskişehir); Battery Charging Unit, High Frequency Battery Charger, Power Supply Unit (EBU, Static Converters), UIC EBU Multi Voltage Converter, Electrical Array Auxiliary Inverter System, Air Conditioning (Air Conditioning Control) Unit, E72-220 Inverter, D72-24 Converter, Vacuum Toilet The production and commissioning of Clean and Waste Water Tanks Automation, Automatic Door Revision, Passenger Announcement System, Passenger Information Automation products were made by Medel Electronics. These products are used in all railway vehicles used in our country.
All R & D, assembly and testing stages of the electronic systems we produce are carried out in our modern facility in Istanbul İkitell, and 7 / 24 technical services are provided for these products.
Our first goal is to this day does not change its inception, Turkey and produce world-class devices, closely following the evolving technology in the world, it is to ensure customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we are continuously improving our systems and devices with our R & D studies. The results of our last electronic design R & D activities in the last 10 year are as summarized below.
At the end of 1999, R & D activities were started for converter and battery charging project.
At the end of the year 2001 converter has switched to battery charger designed for railway and mass production. (the first and only manufacturer of this product in Turkey.)
At the end of 2004; AC motor closed-loop (encoder) vector speed control inverter project is completed. (First domestic produced closed loop vector motor speed controller)
In the 2006, the register control device design and R & D, which are used for printing control, are started especially in the printing sector such as printing (softshell, flexo, limination).
In 2007; The Camera Control System project has been completed (system used in quality control of print quality in lattice, flexo, and printing machines.)
In 2007; AC motor closed-loop (encoder) vector speed controller was developed as hardware, software and mechanic and serial production was started as TAY SERIES.
In 2009; Mass production of edge control and tension control devices, which were produced by our company for the first time, was developed and new products and designs were developed.
At the end of 2009; The AC motor open loop (without encoder) vector speed controller project, which is supported by TÜBİTAK and its results are approved, has been successfully completed. (First domestic open loop vector motor speed controller)
In 2009; 380V-50Hz / 440V-60Hz used as ship supply in shipyards
1.4 MW Converter project was produced and commissioned.
In 2010; Mass production of AC motor open loop (without encoder) vector speed controller was started.
In 2010; 2 year TCDD started production of Multi-Voltage Converter in different countries.
In 2010; Register control project was completed and mass production was started.
In 2010, Servo motor control project studies have started.
In 2011; E72-220 12kVA IP55 Sine Inverter project has been completed.
Based on the continuity of quality, MEDEL Elektronik was awarded the TS EN ISO 31.01.2003: 9001 certificate on 2008. In addition, our company has the Certificate of Conformity issued by TSE, 11 design certificate issued by TPI and 9 pcs. International Railway Standard quality certificate IRIS, UIC [International Railway Standard] and CE [TÜV] certification studies are in progress.
30 to our esteemed customers After March IKITELLI OSB SÜLEYMAN DEMİREL BULVARI AYKOSAN SAN.
Our phone numbers have not changed. For more information please contact us
Wire. : 0 212 - 549 99 10 (5 Line)
Fax: 0 212 - 549 33 92

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