Suspicious packet alarm in Marmaras

Doubtful packet alarm in Marmaray: The suspicious package noticed by security officers at Marmaray Yenikapi station caused bomb panic.
The suspicious package, which was noticed by security officers at the Marmaray Yenikapi station, caused bomb panic. Everyone took a sigh of relief with the empty package.
Marmaray Yenikapi station special security teams, Kazlıçeşme realized that there was a package without direction. Security teams suspected of the package, reported the incident to the police. Police teams from the station received extensive security measures, bomb disposal experts were referred to the region. Bomb disposal experts, after the first control of the package decided to detonate with the detonator. Thereupon the teams of the bomb disposal expert were transported by hand trolley to the station.
While the flights in Marmaray were stopped, the passengers inside started to be taken out. Passengers coming from outside were not taken to the station. Authorities announced that the incident was a technical malfunction so that the passengers would not panic. Some of the passengers who were taken out said there was a technical malfunction, while others said, “There is a suspicious package. It could be a bomb, ”he said.
After the station was evacuated, the bomb disposal expert detonated the suspect package in a controlled manner with a detonator. Everyone took a sigh of relief with the empty pack. Excluding the passengers waiting outside, approximately 15 minutes were broken and Marmaray flights were restarted.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:53

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