Marmaray fault made passengers stayed at stops (Video)

Marmaray broke down, passengers stayed at the stops: Due to the technical breakdown in Marmaray, which connects the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, the trips stopped for about 19 minutes this evening. In Marmaray, which started to work again after the technical breakdown, the trips became more frequent and the operations became normal.
Trips in Marmaray were delayed this evening. According to the information obtained by, a technical malfunction occurred in a train due to the attempts to open the wagon doors by force this evening in Marmaray. The malfunctioning wagons were evacuated and a new train was expected to arrive. For this reason, there was a confluence in the increasing crowd.
It was reported that gradual passengers were taken in Marmaray due to the malfunction and then the number of trips increased and the works returned to normal after the crowd increased.




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