Malatya North Ring Road Relieve Traffic

Malatya North Ring Road Traffic Relieves: AK Party Deputy Chairman Öznur Çalık, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan evaluating the statements made during his visit to Malatya said, Yardım We are bringing Malatya to the upper class in transportation. I would like to thank everyone, especially our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Minister of Transport Mr. Elvan for these services. Bu
"Our nation get more comfortable and safe journey because we are weaving with all Turkey iron network, and we are introducing our nation High-speed train" Calik uses the phrase, "At the moment our country 6 in Europe among the countries that meet the YHT. In the world at 8. Our country is making great strides in every field. Our grandfathers carried out the ships from the land and we run the trains under the sea. We made services such as revolution at the transportation point. We will benefit from these services in Malatya and will continue to benefit from it. Malatya, 2023 will be entered into the year with modern railway service, Mal he said.
Çalık said that the tender for a significant investment in transportation for Malatya will be held in 20 in January, saying:
20 will be made by the Directorate of Highways in 2015. 500 We brought an investment close to Million TL to Malatya. The North Ring Road project is the 54 KM and will have high road standards. The route will cut the way to Malatya Airport around the village of Ozal. The route that cuts the road between Malatya and Sivas will continue in the direction of Battalgazi and Bulgurlu and end at Pütürge. Good luck to our Malatya, auspicious, Mal he said.
In Our 3 tunnel, which is important for Malatya, is being completed in our tunnel, toplam Çalık said. The light of the tunnel appeared to be praised. Currently there are studies on connection ways. We hope that the Karahan Tunnel will be opened together in May. İn
Çalık continued his words:
Dir Another important tunnel is the Erkenek tunnel on the route extending to Malatya - Adıyaman - Kahramanmaraş connection to Gölbaşı. Erkenek Tunnel was one of the places where road accidents occurred. Now, with this tunnel, our citizens will make a safe journey and the tunnel will be shortened by the 400 meters. Thus, saving time and fuel will contribute to the national economy. Erkenek Tunnel will be 3 thousand 630 meters long. Hopefully we will be opening it at the end of this year. Our Yet another project, Malatya and Elazığ we will build on the Karakaya Dam between Turkey and 4. Kömürhan Bridge is the largest suspension bridge. We are trying to leave such works as giants trying to leave ant. We make the third bridge to Istanbul, we make the Gulf Crossing Bridge. With the same technique, we will build our suspension bridge to Kömürhan as a national artifact with the same technology. We also build the 2 bin 400 meter Kömürhan Tunnel. This project will be completed in 2016. With this investment, we are bringing Malatya into the upper league. I would like to thank everyone, especially our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Minister of Transport Mr. Elvan for the services Baş.

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