Level Crossing Panel

Level Crossing Panel: 22 In January 2015 Alsancak Gar Exhibition Hall Level Parameter Regulations, Accidents, Design and Solution proposals will be discussed.
22 TCDD 3 in January. Regional Directorate and 9 September University ULEKAM (Transportation Security and Accident Investigation Center) will be held as a joint panel.
1. Session: Regulation and Practice Studies
Professor Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN İstanbul Ü. Electrical / Electronic Eng. Ministry Accident Investigation Board Member (Chair)
Selahattin SİVRİKAYA TCDD Head of Department
Abdulkadir URALOGLU Highways 2. Regional director
Professor Dr. Halim CEYLAN | Civil Eng. Transportation USA
Süleyman KUTAY İzmir Provincial Deputy Police Chief
Ergün YURTCU TCDD 3. Regional Management Safety Management System Manager
2. Session: Local Level Crossing Problems
Erhan GÖR TCDD Director of Central Safety Management System (Chair)
Muzaffer ERGİŞİ President of TCDD Facilities Department
Fidan ASLAN Izmir BB Transportation Department
İbrahim GÜRDAL Aydın BB Transportation Department
Mümin DENİZ Manisa BB Transportation Apartment V.
Ali Fuat GÜNAK Chamber of Civil Engineers İzmir Branch
3. Session: Barrier Systems in Level Crossings
Professor Dr. Güldem CERİT Dokuz Eylul University. Dean of Maritime Faculty (Chairman)
Mehmet URAS TCDD Head of Traffic Department
Assoc. Dr. Serhan TANYEL Dokuz Eylul University. ULEKAM Manager
Assoc. Dr. Contact Hakan GÜLER directly Civil Eng. Fake. Transportation USA
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Contact Yalçın directly Civil Eng. Fake. Transportation USA
And add Serkan ERDOĞDU as a contact. Regional Management Safety Management System Expert-Civil Engineer
Ayhan DIKMEN TCDD 3. Regional Office Safety Management System Specialist-Makina Müh.
Professor Dr. Soner HALDENBİLEN Pamukkale Ü. Civil Eng. Transportation USA (Moderator)
As a result of the panel aiming to bring together all the stakeholders of the sector, mutual exchange of ideas will be discussed by discussing what can be done for Level Crossings.

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