Level crossing panel presentation videos

Level crossing panel presentation videos: TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, Dokuz Eylul University and Transportation Safety and Accident, Investigation Application Research Center (ULEKAM) by the panel on İnceleme Level Crossings Üniversitesi was held in Izmir.
TCDD 3. TCDD Deputy General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors İsa ApaydınVice Rector, Dokuz Eylül University Dr. Halil Köse, İZBAN General Manager Sebahattin ERİŞ, Deputy Chief of Police Süleyman Kutay, Istanbul University Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Ministry Accident Research Committee Member. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan, Highways 2. Regional Director Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, TCDD Road Department Head Selahattin Sivrikaya and TCDD Facilities Head Muzaffer Ergişi, TCDD Traffic Department President Mehmet Uras and universities, Police Department, Highways and Chamber of Civil Engineers attended the meeting.
Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydın, panel opening speech, after being used as a road workshop in the Alsancak Station complex for many years, restored and opened as a Center for Education and Art in the historic venue in the panel, the happiness of hosting the guests, he said.
3. Apaydın stated that this panel, organized jointly by the Regional Directorate and Dokuz Eylül University ULEKAM, will give messages to the public on level crossing accidents, and also stated that this panel will be a very important platform for all issues of the issue.
Noting that the TCDD is not in charge, the company has been continuing its efforts to make the level crossings safer since 2003. Apaydın noted that as a result of the improvements made within the scope of these studies, the total 12 parades were closed at the last 1.602 year.
Apaydın underlined that the remaining number of 4.810 pieces was reduced to 3.208 and the additional 603 parade was made more protected. UM The number of gates of protected level was increased to 1.050 and rubber and composite coating was made for safer and more comfortable transition. I want to express with happiness that the 2000 361 accident occurred in the level crossings as a result of improvements in the 2014 89 41 XNUMX as of September, this number has decreased by XNUMX units have been iyileştir.
11 million pounds spent in the 78 annual period
Apaydın noted that there are no level crossings in high-speed and fast rail projects. He also underlined that level crossings were lifted and lower / upper crossings were made in conventional lines which were made double-line.
In the level of TQM-2003-2014 11-78 2918-6461 years spent in cooperation with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications. Joint work was carried out with the General Directorate of Security and the General Directorate of Highways. Operating results in 03.07.2013 numbered Highway Traffic Act and XNUMX numbered Turkey in accordance with the Liberalization Law of Railway Transport "Regulation on measures to be taken and Application Principles of Railway Level Crossing" was posted on prepared and XNUMX "he said.
The new standards have been brought to the level crossings with the record that the record Apaydın, continued his speech as follows:
Deniz The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Interior, TCDD, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Security, local administrations, non-governmental organizations, universities, especially all the stakeholders of the issue to bring together by bringing together to work. Within the scope of this regulation, very nice projects are implemented. This panel is the product of this collaboration. I wish our panel to be beneficial and I would like to thank you again for your participation Panel
TCDD 3. Regional Manager Murat Bakır stated that the Safety Management System (EYS) unit was established in 2012 and later on, domestic and international training activities were started by the staff of the SMS. Indicating that the evaluation of the accidents and incidents of the last 10 year was made within the scope of these studies, Copper, "as a result of these evaluations in the deaths occurring in the level crossings occurred in the death rates were determined and made improvements and corrections in the crossroads of our region were made," he said.
As a result of these accidents and incidents occurring in the trend of serious decline in the expression of the Copper, said:
Iyel The Regulation on the Measures to be Taken and the Principles for the Implementation of the Railway Level Crossings 03 entered into force on July 2013 and this regulation has given some responsibility to our institution, municipalities, highways and governorships. For this reason, such a panel was prepared by the Dokuz Eylül University Transportation Safety and Accident Examination Application Research Center (ULEKAM) and our Regional Directorate, as it was necessary to bring together the universities, the regulations, accidents, design and solution proposals of the parties together.
Provincial Deputy Police Director Suleyman Kutay gave information about the measures and measures to be taken at the level crossings.
After the opening speeches, the participants were given plaques and exhibitors.



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