Bridge Connected to the residents of the neighborhood

Köprü Connected the Residents of the Neighborhood to Life: Citizens who had been waiting for a bridge in Çaltıozü Mahallesi Koruovası, Muğla's Seydikemer district for years were almost connected to life with culverts called baks placed on the stream by the municipality.
The Turkmen Street, where the 8 household lived, was the bridge after many years. Hüseyin Türkmen, who stated that they spend their children in the winter months with high flow rates and especially those who go to school from the Çaltıözü Creek, which is a danger after rain, can not send their children to school in periods when rainfall is high, Hüseyin Türkmen stated that an No transportation in winter, no car, no trains. Most of the time we can not pass the tractor too. We can't send children to school; we're having trouble turning back. We have experienced such problems so far, we had here before our car was lost. We thank the muhtar and the Mayor for the bridge. Köprü
Çaltıözü muhtarı Muhsin Alaşan said “Our citizens have been suffering a great deal of trouble for years here. We have a big neighborhood here and our children who go to school had to use this road. But they were having a hard time going through the winter and our children had a lot of school attendance, and they were staying behind. Our citizens could not meet their urgent needs like the market, the health center, they could not pass through here. They have informed us and we have told our municipality about the problem. God bless our Seydikemer Mayor Yakup Otgöz remained insensitive. We are getting very good services from our municipality. Our citizens are now the greatest dreams of great joy in this bridge. We thank our president. Başkan
Çaltıözü River behind the bridge behind the bridge of Turkmenler Street on the way to connect with the bridges indicating that the opening Çaltıözü Muhtar Muhsin Alasan, Dikmendibi Mevkii in the area, and occasionally unwanted accidents on the irrigation channel in the Seydikemer Municipality, the bridge was extended by the attention of the neighborhood on behalf of the President Yakup Otgöz he.




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