Konya tram carried 2014 million passengers in 25

Konya tramway carried 2014 million passengers in 25: Konya Metropolitan Municipality, whose public transportation network has expanded with the new Metropolitan Law, continues its transportation services to 284 lines throughout Konya.
Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek stated that in 2014 they have made many innovations in transportation, especially new trams and natural gas buses, and the transportation network will expand with the works that they will do afterwards.
President XYUMX 2014 284 79 409 XNUMX thousands of passengers in the past and record that they carry the President Akyürek, new technologies, followed by the highest quality transportation service stressed that they work for.
Noting that they increased the bus fleet to 2014 with the 100 natural gas buses purchased in 425, Mayor Akyürek stated that 60 trams were in service, together with the new trams received within the scope of the latest model 108 tram purchase tender.
Mayor Akyürek stated that one of the most important investments in the field of transportation is the tram line between Alaeddin and Adliye, and said, “Our work on the tram line between Alaeddin and Adliye continues rapidly. In 2014, we purchased 12 trams without cathargers that will operate on this line. "We are planning to put the line into service this year."
Konya Metropolitan Municipality has 381 vehicles in its fleet, 763 of which are compatible with the disabled. The buses, which travel 1 million 34 thousand 901 in the center and provinces, carried 36 million 532 thousand 907 passengers by covering 51 million 477 thousand 268 kilometers. The number of passengers transported by buses in the provinces during the 9 months in which the new Metropolitan Law came into force is 2 million 532 thousand.
The trams in 2014, 110 880 thousand times by a thousand 25 400 210 million passengers.



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