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📩 01/12/2018 16:49

Konya Organize Tramway: The Chamber of Commerce is the leading economy of the Turkish economy. I visited President Selcuk Ozturk in Konya Chamber of Commerce. He works with intense tempo. I've witnessed you do a lot of work together. He gave up his time, waiving this intensity for a while. We've received important information from him.
The first issue that I want to give good news is that the tram line will be thought to be in Ankara. President Ozturk was actually conducting talks for a long time. The Metropolitan Municipality has also added Ankara to the Ankara route. Studies on the feasibility and project were continuing. We always say that the development of our city in this investment will be a step taken in the development of our city.
Ozturk Ozturk also stated that investors preferred Konya safely in this process and the investments gained speed. He said that being the prime minister was a bird of fortune. Accordingly, it emphasizes that our responsibilities and working tempo should also increase.
We talked about the issue of foreign investors in detail. Especially, I asked about the critics of foreign investors coming to our city or our country. President Öztürk, foreign investors investing at the point of production will not have any harm, contrary to our city and our country will provide significant benefits, he said. If there is a topic to be discussed, it is stated that there is a sale of farmland but that the state has measures in this regard and that there will be no sale except for certain quotas.
After Mayor Öztürk, I visited Konya Social Security Institution Provincial Director Murat Mustafa Yavuz. I just went to a meeting about the audit and activity reports. A little after meeting sohbet we did. He stated that they have started a new study especially on Syrians and will organize a workshop at the point of work permit. He stated that many Syrian workers who are currently working are unregistered, and those who apply for registration receive leave within a period of 1-2 months and they are working to shorten this period. When we look at the number of registered statistics, it seems very few. In addition, when these Syrians were registered, it is necessary to ask what job they were working on, what their profession was, and add them to their records. These Syrians, who generally work in unskilled fields, may be evaluated in different fields. At this point, let's wish convenience to SGK Provincial Director Murat Mustafa Yavuz. It's really hard.

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