Maintenance of worn out roads

Maintenance of worn out roads in Kocaeli: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started maintenance work on roads where salting was carried out to prevent frost and frost.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is doing improvement works on roads that are worn out due to heavy snowfall. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality recently took necessary measures against the heavy snowfall in the city. It was ensured that the traffic was smoothly flowing by means of salting and solution studies on frost and ice roads. Nowadays, the roads that are worn out as a result of rainfall are patched by the Metropolitan.
The work carried out in the city center and other main arteries and the teams connected to the Department of Science Affairs fill the pits formed on the roads. The teams carry out asphalt pavement and asphalt as a pavement. Total 18 personnel work in various parts of the city during road maintenance. Within the scope of the study, 3 thousand 750 weight bags are laid on asphalt material roads.




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