Kırkdilime suspension bridge idea

Kırkdilime suspension bridge idea: Osmancık Photo Cinema Amateurs and Culture Art Tourism Research Association (OFKAD) President Ismail Kabakdere, to make the trip to Kırkdilim suggested touristic bridge.
Ismail Kabakdere, who shares his project on social networking site, will facilitate the transportation to Kapılıkaya located in the borders of Laçin district and said that his aim is to bring tourism to the region.
Supporting the project with HaciCankar, Hayrullah Germeç, Burak Erdemir, Ibrahim Isik and Meftun Yerli with visual designs, Kabakdere said that the suspension bridge to be established between Kapılıkaya and Kırkdilim Road would increase the touristic trips to the region.
Reminding that the touristic facility investment in the region in question was brought to the attention of the Governor of Çorum Ahmet Kara during his investigations in Kırkdilim, Kabakdere said incel Kapılıkaya which admire the people with its unique view must be made to tourism with the arrangements to be made Ahmet.
Edi We also care about this project in terms of preventing the destruction of history in Kapılıkaya and ensuring security, aç said Kabakdere, who called on the authorities and asked them to start working on the issue.



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