Target in Kayseri high speed train project 2018

Target in the high-speed train project 2018: Governor Orhan Düzgün high speed train in his assessment, "Current target 2018" he said. He also pointed out that there were successful drug-related studies in our province on the work of the security forces.
Governor Orhan Düzgün, mü We received the good news of the high-speed train during the visit of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to Kayseri. The current target is 2018. Fast train is very important for Kayseri; because it is very important for the economic development of the province to be easily accessible. çünkü
Kent Kayseri is a city which is really easy to reach in terms of airways. Kayseri is the only province where the airport is closer to the city than the ot
Double road works in terms of highways have been made so far but there is an improvement in standards. In particular, there are ongoing works on hot asphalting and road expansion in the road connecting to neighboring cities and Ankara. Özellikle
He also evaluated the general security situation of the city and said: u The road junction related to general public order other than traffic is an intersection especially used by criminal organizations. We are working on different smuggling activities such as drugs and cigarettes, especially through drug use and drug trafficking.



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