Kartalkaya also destination 250 Thousand Holidays

Kartalkaya also targets 250 Bin Tatilci: 3 hotel, operating in Kartalkaya, where snow thickness approaches 6 after heavy rainfall, aims to host 250 bin holidaymakers by the end of the season.

3 hotel, operating in Kartalkaya, where the snow thickness approaches 6, aims to reach the goal of 250 bin holidaymaker by the end of the season.

Grand Kartal Hotel Top Manager (CEO) Emine Ergül, AA correspondent, said the season was very good, said: lam Kartalkaya 38 the most busy period of the year and snowfall is experienced. The face of the hotels in the ski resort is laughing this season. Bu

The snow in the snow began to fall in December in the snow thickness of the 3 meters approaching Ergül, ın Kartalkaya, daily sunshade. Holidaymakers start skiing and snowboarding on our outdoor tracks in the morning. Tourists who come to the hotel for lunch, then the hotel does not come until the evening hours. She spends her days skiing and snowboarding snow.

100 occupancy percentage during half year break

During the half-year holiday, the interest in Kartalkaya pointed out that Ergül, the full capacity of the hotel serves, 15 will be full of 100 until March, he said.

Ergül, 6 hotel located in the ski resort, the total bed capacity is 2 bin'lerini, un to stay and holiday vacationers there. This season we aim to host 250 thousand domestic and foreign vacationers in Kartalkaya. Since it is located between two subway cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, providing easy transportation and the perfect environment for skiing, Kartalkaya became the most preferred place. Ankara

The ski center is mostly from Russia and the Middle East countries, emphasizing the arrival of holidaymakers Ergül,, Besides, the employees of foreign countries in our country are coming to the consulates. In general, we work with domestic customers. Kartalkaya has a special feature, the honeymooners here now come with grandchildren. Kartalkaya has a loyal customer profile. This gives us great joy. Bu

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