Snow covered trees on rails Railroad closed (Video)

Snow destroyed the trees on the rails The railway was closed: Those who wanted to reach İzmir by rail were also disappointed due to the closure of the Balıkesir-İzmir Highway.
In Manisa's Kırkağaç District, the road was closed to access due to the fall of trees on the train road at intervals due to the snow. Hundreds of citizens started to wait for the Aegean Express and 6 September train at Balıkesir Train Station.
Balıkesir Station Manager İsmail Eralp emphasized that despite taking every precaution to prevent the passengers from being victimized, natural conditions do not allow transportation. Eralp said, “Near the Bakır station between Akhisar and Kırkağaç, around 50 trees fell to the road due to snowfall. For this reason, the road is closed to navigation. We mobilized all our means to open the way. We asked for support from the municipalities. Two hours of work is required as of now. When the road is cleared, 6 Eylül and Ege express will depart. After that, there is no problem with the railroad. More precisely, there is no place closed due to snow. As soon as the Aegean Express arrives, we will return it immediately. The 6 September Train will depart for Bandırma after a two-minute stop here. We sold all the tickets. We added 2 wagons. One of the wagons is unnumbered and the other is for 60 people. Even if there are passengers without a ticket, we will take Our capacity is now full. There are people standing. We are waiting for the road to be opened, ”he said.
Şaban Şimşek, who lives in Paris, the capital of France, stated that yesterday (Wednesday) he set out from Istanbul at 24.00:4 to go to Izmir by bus. Şimşek said, “I left Paris yesterday. I came the 4 thousand kilometers road in 24.00 hours. I set out by bus at XNUMX:XNUMX. When it was said 'the roads are closed in Balıkesir', I preferred to go by train. I forcibly found a ticket. To go standing on that ticket. But there are still no trains, ”he said.
Another passenger waiting at the Railway Station Balikesir Ramazan Cetin, "Turkey's state case. Life is paralyzed by the slightest rain or snow. Not just here. Everywhere is like this ”. Ünal Çıvgın said that he came to Balıkesir with his private car, but preferred the train when he was not allowed to set off. Ünal Çıvgın said, “I have been in Balıkesir since yesterday evening. They said 'the train will come' and we are waiting. I think the tree fell. Even if the train comes, there are no tickets. We will get on without a ticket. We were devastated. The governor was on New Year's holiday anyway, ”he said. Sabri Gereli, who came to Balıkesir from Izmir by truck but could not return, said that he preferred the train to return but waited for a long time. A young woman who was stuck in Balıkesir Train Station with her 6-month-old baby and did not want to be named, said that she set out from Zonguldak to Manisa and has been waiting in Balıkesir since yesterday morning.
Near the copper station with a distance of one kilometer distance from the railroad to be removed from the road to the railroads and forest teams were moved. The 21 team, which started to cut the trees on the railroad, is continuing its activities uninterruptedly.



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