316 million lira investment in Atatürk airport, which is called to be closed!

316 million lira investment in Ataturk airport, which is called to be closed: A new international terminal of 316 million lira is being made to Atatürk Airport, which is announced to be closed to scheduled flights three years later. SAI said, “3. "The new international terminal to be built at Atatürk Airport will increase the profits of THY and TAV while the airport will be constructed, and may damage the DHMİ that undertakes the construction."
3 to Istanbul. The airport was announced to be closed to the passenger planes to the airport of Ataturk Airport 316 million pounds was decided to make a new international terminal. At the request of Turkish Airlines, the State Airports Authority (DHMI) decided to construct an additional international terminal of 112 million Euros (316 million pounds) to Atatürk Airport. DHMİ received a warning from the Turkish Court of Accounts regarding the investment to be made from the state safe. 3 in the audit report of the Court of Accounts. Ataturk Airport, which will be closed to the scheduled flights after the opening of the airport, was not known for the purpose after 2018. The TCA demanded that the ini Atatürk Airport Development Project be revisited by taking into account criteria such as operating period, investment amount, risk sharing and country interest Say.
The TCA 2013 2018 3 2013. the airport will be closed to scheduled trips to the Ataturk Airport with scandalous developments took place. According to the report, Turkish Airlines (THY) reported that the number of international transit passengers increased in November when 112,2 sent the operating company to TAV. Therefore, Turkish Airlines made a request for the construction of an additional international terminal. Among the demands of THY, there have been many requests to build doors and halls for the airplanes to park in the open. TAV has forwarded an additional international terminal and parking request to DHMI with a letter to find the cost of the 2,5 million Eruo. TAV reported that the benefit of transit passengers was 5 Euro service charge, and that the investment would be possible if all XNUMX Euro revenue per transfer passenger was left to them.
Following the TAV's opinion, the commission, which was formed in DHMI, completed its works in May 2014 and presented the report to the Ministry of Transport. In the report, it was noted that the measures to increase the international terminal capacity at Atatürk Airport would be useful. DHMI also gave approval to Atatürk Airport Development Project considering the report. In the report of the Court of Accounts, it was emphasized that this investment decision could harm the state. According to the Court of Accounts, the new international terminal investment is a decision taken by the reason of increasing the passenger service quality. will be limited to the start of the operation of the airport. The profitability of the additional international terminal project with the investment cost of 3 million Euro needs to be re-evaluated for DHMI. Although the additional investment to be made at the airport will have a higher contribution to the operational profitability of TAV and THY, the investment cost to be undertaken by DHMİ is unlikely to turn into revenue considering the duration of use of the facility. That's why 112,2. As the first stage of the airport will be operational by the year 3, the additional international terminal investment to the Atatürk Airport, which will be closed to scheduled flights, needs to be X re-examined havalim by taking into account the criteria and plans such as “operating period, investment amount, risk sharing, concession law and country interest havalim.

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