Kadir Topbaş was acquitted in the case of metrobus corruption

Kadir Topbaş was acquitted of the metrobus corruption case: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who was tried for 70 million lira of BRT corruption, was acquitted. Topbaş denied the accusations in the court and made a defense saying "I do not have the authority to sign", although he has his signature on the documents. The court also acquitted Topbaş and 14 municipal employees for lack of evidence.
AKP's Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş was acquitted in the IETT corruption case. The court ruled that Topbaş and 14 municipal employees “did not abuse their duties” and ruled that “there was no concrete evidence” regarding the accusations.
It was stated that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bought buses at a higher price than the cost in the bus purchase tenders made in different years and therefore, 25 million euros, or 70 million liras, were damaged.
Upon the allegations, a lawsuit was filed against Topbaş and 14 municipal employees. However, Topbaş has not attended any of the hearings that have been going on since 2012.
Kadir Topbaş made his defense at a private session opened in October. Topbaş, who appeared before the judge for the first time in years, denied the accusations. He claimed that although he had his approval and signature in the documents, he "had no responsibility for corruption". He threw the ball to IETT.
The verdict of the case was held today. Topbaş's lawyer said that "there was no illegal action". The court also acquitted Topbaş and 14 pending defendants. The reason for the decision was given "the lack of sufficient evidence regarding the charges".
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Republican People's Party (CHP) member of the Council of Right and Attorney Erhan Aslaner evaluated the court decision.



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