Izmit tram project will be a solution to traffic?

Izmit tram project will be the solution to traffic: There is a total 570 private public bus in Kocaeli, including 2.200 in Izmit. With the municipal buses, this number is 2.500.
From Kandıra to Gebze, from Karamürsel to İzmit, from Darıca to Kartepe, public transportation is carried out by these vehicles in 12 districts and city centers.
Except for the 5 bus, which is owned by the Metropolitan Municipality and the 20 cooperative is not counted, the googievers travel with small vehicles.
Since the vehicle types are not changed, passengers are forced to travel because of the ist Series, Comfortable, Safe ”environment.
Drums are on the neck of the private public bus owners, when the mallet is in the hands of the Metropolitan Municipality, UKOME cannot resolve the confusion in the application.
Following the number one problem in all surveys made before the election, President Karaosmanoğlu, pushed the button by explaining that the solution is a tram.
The izyon Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan ası, first awarded in 2011, was introduced as in Kocaeli's 2013 Vision and Road Map “at the start of 2023.
Permits were taken from Ankara at 2014, the decision was made for parliament to borrow 191 million liras, implementation and preliminary projects were made, and the 6.5 kilometer Seka-Otogar route was announced as Ankara Caddesi.
Next, according to the general secretary Tahir Büyükakın'ın tender, groundbreaking and 2017'te travel by tram.
Good luck. I hope, as we have seen in the past frequently, the decision is not changed, the promises are kept, Izmit people meet by tram.
But as it is explained, I am concerned that the tram will relax the urban traffic in Izmit and will provide a comfortable, safe and secure service to everyone.
Why? Daily average 200 thousand people are traveling by public transport in Izmit. Although Tahir Hoxha says that 16 will be transported by tram, the number of passengers using the tram between Seka-Otogar is 8.
From Derince to Izmit and come to the courthouse, the governorship, the municipalities, the city center workplaces, the hospitals, the series, comfortable, safe buses stop while traveling to the tram ride?
From the bus station or from Yahya Kaptan to Yenimahalle, Plajyolu, Kuruçeşme, Şirintepe, Çenesuyu, the only way to go to Derince is to travel with the only way, why choose the tram?
Must be a tram? But 8-10 thousand people to be comfortable to approximately 200 thousand people UM Take care of your head. You are not condemned to travel with vehicles that you have been riding for years, not for this tram bind.
It is worthy of President Karaosmanoğlu and the general secretary Büyükakın to follow such a way to punish and punish the private public bus owners.
Moreover, Kocaeli Izmit is not just about. Similar problems and problems are experienced both in Gebze and other districts.
Nobody mind me. Can not install Kent-Card devices in Yuvacık buses, Akarca and Alikahya buses in Izmit, can not collect private public buses outside of Izmit, can not stop the red vans working in pirated T-plate, can not stop lay stop özel. - I do not believe that the Metropolitan Municipality will solve the problem of “traffic and transportation“ of Kocaeli.
The main fight will start with the prohibition of the entry of private public buses into the city from the districts, neighborhoods and the towns.
According to the project that Metropolitan UKOME was working on, it did not bring up the agenda before the elections.
Those who want to go to the city center will depart from the bus station. Those who want to go west from Seka will use a third vehicle.
The last stop of the private public buses from Derince, Körfez and Gebze will be the West Terminal in Seka. Those who want to go to the city center will continue to ride on the tram.
In summary; Eşme, Suadiye, Köseköy, Derbent, Arslanbey to the city center of Izmit, the school, those who want to go to the bus to the bus to the bus station, from there to ride the tram to reach the address he wants to go.
Başiskele, Gölcük, Değirmendere, Halıdere, Ereğli, Karamürsel to go to the city center of Izmit and go to double vehicles.
Likewise, Derince, Gulf, Hereke to Izmit will come down Seka West Terminal bus, the city center will continue by tram.
The old man, his kid, his stuff, and he's going to be out of place here. Neither he brought a series of comfortable, secure tramways to the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmit.
Mayor Karaosmanoglu and the Metropolitan Municipality officials, districts and towns will be more time to go to Izmit and more fees will pay the citizens will not react, I do not think that will convince.
As the name i Akçaray ıla was abandoned with the i Walking Path ”route which was determined and announced to the public previously, this practice will be removed before it starts. I can't see it because we're used to Yap-Boz.
In addition to the tram, another important project of the Metropolitan Municipality in order to relieve the urban traffic in the city is to not place private public buses registered to the Cooperative No. 5 in the city center.
According to the project, which will be commissioned with the tram, which the UKOME is working on, the stops at D-100 will be lifted, intercity buses and service vehicles will not stop, passengers will be banned and boarded.
North Side Road will be canceled in parallel to D-100 used by vehicles going to Istanbul-Ankara direction (West-East direction). Instead, a new double-lane road will be opened in the South, parallel to the D-100, for all vehicles in the East.
The North Side Road, which is used by the vehicles traveling in the East West direction, will be launched in the 3 lane. Ak Party, Justice Palace, old gendarmerie houses, Public House, Lights in front of Hotel Asia will be lifted by one way traffic.
Derince direction from the front of the Seka Mosque and the entrance to the direction of the vehicles going to the direction of the Central Bank under the bridge will be opened under the new road to the southern side and D-100'e will be released.
The city will be using the existing road from the east, including Yahya Captain, turn left at the Power Plant and reach the Anıtpark from Gazanfer Bilge Avenue, turn right before entering the Justice Bridge and enter the North Side road.
Thus, public transport will not be in the city center.
The Central Refuge will be lifted to relieve traffic jams at Anıtpark. On Thursday, the market edge will be expanded to allow the vehicles coming from the Bridge of Justice to return to the right. Vehicles like the change in the power plant will switch directly by using traffic lights.
While the Metropolitan Municipality regulated the route of public transport, the public was asked by private bus owners to ask the shopkeepers with the KOTO.
Kocaeli Chamber of Busiers and Minibuses Chamber Chairman Mustafa Kurt and Izmit 5. Cooperative President Hasan Öztürk claimed that the Metropolitan Municipality had been working to prevent the operation of private public buses.
Mayor Kurt said, “I am the chairman of the room where all the private public buses serving public transportation in Kocaeli are connected. There is a kind of change about public transport, including the metropolitan tram. We do not steal our door on a matter directly that concerns us. Bizi
Behold, Mustafa Kurt is not unfair. Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli and Izmit in the changes to be made in the special public buses for years, such as public transport, who will not meet with the head of the public bus?
The Metropolitan Municipality has overlooked the fact that the bus drivers have excluded the chamber and have directly discussed the issues that concern them.


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