Iron slag is used in İzmir's road construction

Iron slag is used in the construction of roads in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started to use iron slag, which is the waste material of iron and steel factories, in the infrastructure of the new roads, contributes to the solution of an important environmental problem especially in Aliağa and Foça, on the other hand, slag contributes to the economy. Slag mountains, which have grown for years due to the fact that iron and steel factories cannot find large enough to store, are gradually becoming a problem with the implementation of the Metropolitan Municipality. The local administration of İzmir, which uses the slag it carries with daily purchases as infrastructure material for new roads, is expanding its slag range a little more by using parquet and borders made of the same material.
The iron and steel producers, thanking Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who gave instructions for using the slags both in road infrastructure and in city projects as they are produced as parquet and border, defined this initiative as "a brave step towards eliminating the environmental problem of 40 years". industry representatives mentioned the importance of being first in the country this application, he said it was an example to Turkey Izmir again.
The bottom three of the 65 cross-section, which is the standard of the 6 cross section, constitutes the standard of an average 95 cm-thickness. Does not react physically or chemically, does not affect the substances in contact with the environment or human health; it also does not pose a risk of surface water and groundwater pollution. Besides the durability and longevity factors, the recycling of slag is also very important in terms of environmentalism. Compared to calcareous asphalt, XNUMX is more advantageous compared to calcareous asphalt, compression and bearing capacity. In addition, the asphalt from the slag material, cooler than the calcareous asphalt. This new asphalt type, which maintains its temperature for a longer period of time, also eliminates the difficulties experienced during the transportation of asphalt to the settlements far away from the city center.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 6 in the month of the thousand thousand tons of slag asphalt, Bergama, Aliağa, Kınık, Dikili and Menemen used in his district roads.



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