İZBAN Torbalı line will be opened in May (Video)

The İZBAN Torbalı line will be put into service in May: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the staff changes at the General Directorate of Highways are a routine practice for more motivation and faster running.
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made an examination at Torbalı Station from Adnan Menderes Airport on the İZBAN line train in Izmir, where he came to make examinations and contacts. In a statement he made to the press members at the station, he said that İZBAN, which operates 80 km line between Aliağa and Menderes, is an exemplary project due to the cooperation of the state and local administration. Stating that the line, which is used by 260 thousand Izmir residents a day, demonstrates how feasible and beneficial the citizens are in the project, Elvan said, 'We did not settle with 80 km. The works between Cumaovası and Tepeköy are about to finish. There is only a small section on signaling. I hope we will put it into service by May 2015 at the latest ”. Elvan said that they will extend İZBAN to Selçuk, they announced the railway infrastructure tender and they will hit the digging in January. Stating that they applied to the Ministry of Development to be included in the investment program for the project of the line between Aliağa and Bergama, Elvan said, "The other importance of this line is that the high-speed train route that will connect İzmir to Istanbul will pass through Bergama".
Elvan said that 220 million passengers have used the İZBAN suburban line so far and the total investment is 5.2 billion TL. Stating that 1.2 billion TL of this was met by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the rest by TCDD, Elvan said, 'We will continue to serve İzmir. We will continue to open blocked roads in transportation and access. İzmir is a very important city for us. It is in a key position that will trigger the development of the Aegean region. We focused on İzmir in terms of development and development. Investment in İzmir means investment in the entire Aegean Region. This year, as the ministry, we spent 500 million TL for the province of Izmir. The total investment of the Ministry is 4.9 billion TL. Focusing on a single goal, essential for the development of a region, is to move around a single vision. It is to be the only voice. That is, public institutions and local governments should act together ”.
He gave good news to Torbali
Minister Elvan later visited Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez in his office. During the visit, which was attended by Ak Parti Izmir deputies and Menderes Mayor Bülent Soylu, Elvan said that they will lift the construction equipment, sand, sleepers belonging to TCDD at the entrance to the district and turn this area into a green area, they will build three pedestrian overpasses on the İzmir Aydın highway, Köprülü He said that they will also do a study about the intersection demand.




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