İZBAN Wrong Raya Entry, Passengers Stuck (Video)

İZBAN entered the wrong track, passengers were stranded: passengers were stranded for 1 and a half hours in İZBAN (Izmir Commuter System), which entered the wrong rail in Izmir and did not open its doors. Some of the passengers have passed out.
According to the allegations, İZBAN, which organizes flights between Aliğa and Cumaovası, got up from the Alsancak Station and arrived at the Kemer Station around 17.00. Waiting half an hour here without opening its doors, the train continued in the opposite direction that it had to go. The train, which leaves its route at the Hilal stop, entered the rail line, which should not change the rail. The train standing here waited an hour and a half. Some of the passengers were unconscious on the train, the doors of which did not open, and the children cried. Passengers who could not stand inside the airless train, opened the doors, and made a dangerous transition to the Crescent Station on the rail lines. Precautionary medical teams directed the train location. Some of those who got off the train were seen crying.
Feyzullah Aydoğdu, who was trapped in the train, said, “They made no explanation. We opened the doors of the train. It was dangerous, but I had to pass, ”another passenger said,“ The train broke down, the rails could not change, came back. We are all stuck inside. We were dying, we were dying. ”
İZBAN did not continue for about an hour and a half. Authorities were not informed when İZBAN phones were locked.
On the other hand, the trapped passengers reacted to the social networking site Twiter. Some of the tweets thrown are:
“Nazlıcan Özdemir: İZBAN that you have made will be yours too. I missed the plane, damn it or hate İzmir.
Ersun Kaya: Izmir, Izban today exploded president. Congratulations @bskazizkocaoglu
Tolga Özdoğan: With the magnificent izban, I reached my house in 1 hours 35 minutes and they mixed all the trains. Train Hilal waited for 1 hours in his pocket. Tren




    1. Bravo, that's called real success…. Not everyone can achieve this!