İZBAN train struck young woman died

The young woman who was hit by the İZBAN train died: A 23-year-old female agricultural worker named CG, who was under the Izmir Suburban Line (İZBAN) train, died while trying to cross the tracks in Menemen District of İZMİR. There was a confrontation between the relatives of the woman and the officers who examined the scene.
The İZBAN train, which made the Friday-Aliağa expedition, hit the CG, the agricultural worker, who wanted to cross the railroad at the Yanıkköy District, on the 3rd kilometer between Menemen and Hatundere station. With the impact of the crash, the woman jumped 30 meters ahead, and the train stopped after 200 meters. It was determined that the young woman lost her life while her friends, who were agricultural workers like her, were running to the aid of CG. Eyewitnesses stated that C.G carried the crops they collected from the field to the van, which could not enter the field due to rain.
The Menemen Gendarmerie Teams and Crime Scene Investigate teams came to the accident area and made investigations, meanwhile, when the relatives of the CG came to the scene, marched on the machinist whom they accused accused of carelessness. The intervening gendarmerie barely calmed the relatives of CG.
After the prosecutor's investigation, CG's body was removed from the Menemen State Hospital Morgue. The gendarmerie reported that your investigation into the accident is ongoing.



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