Istanbul Metro, Izmir

Istanbul Metro will be extended to İzmir: Speaking at the Joint Meeting of the 11 Kocaeli Chambers, which is hosted by KOTO, President of Gebze Chamber of Commerce Nail Çiler demanded the extension of İstanbul Metro to İzmit after Gebze.
Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry jointly held by the Gebze Chamber of Commerce and the Gulf Chamber of Commerce jointly held in the Joint Meeting of the Chamber of Chambers Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gebze Chamber of Commerce of Nail Çiler Istanbul Gebze Post to Gebze later demanded the extension of. Oksit More than one thousand vehicles are driving daily in our city of Çiler. Economic losses are also very important. The situation is really grave. Metro is used as the main transportation vehicle in the major cities of the world. We are requesting that the existing subway work be connected to Gebze, Dilovası and then to İzmit ze.
. This project will bring energy and economic benefits. Kocaeli is playing in the name of the business world. Therefore, we must make a difference by thinking differently. I am in favor of the metro to Sakarya and even to Düzce in a very short time. In developed countries, public transport is very effective. I would like to contribute to this issue from industrialists and heads of the chamber. 3 will take an uneventful state after years. X
KOTO President Özdağ who gave information about the contributions of the metron, hakkında Transportation is civilization. Such a line carries 500 people at a time. In total, the 50 thousand people are transported by a minimum of 2 thousand vehicles. Employees' daily 100 contributes to the monthly 36 hour savings. Our desire is that this line extends to this point. First of all, we met with the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The metro is just what we want not to Kocaeli, istiy he said.




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