Metro solution to traffic in Istanbul

Solution to traffic in Istanbul, metro: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez said, "The public should be drawn to the metro with different activities to be organized to solve the transportation problem".
Especially in metropolitan cities where transportation is a problem, metro and rail systems, which greatly relax the traffic, are not only used for rahat transportation lı in many countries of the world, but also various events and shows. Turkish experts in the subject, in our country, to promote the promotion of metro and rail systems must be signed for special events, he says.
Come to life as the world's second subway, Turkey has made great strides in this area since 1875 years. The transportation problems are solved to a great extent thanks to the metros that provide mass transportation, but it is not enough. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, in order to prevent the density of vehicles, the public should take special studies to the subways said.
Reminding that thousands of vehicles are coming into traffic every year, Söylemez said, leme The continuous increase in the number of vehicles will cause the traffic problem not to be solved. Especially in rainy days, the problem of people turning into a major problem for the public transportation should be taken to encourage traffic. To solve the problem of transportation should be drawn to the public metros with different activities to be organized. Ulaşım
Söylemez pointed out the artistic activities organized in the sub-cities of the world capitals and noted that in Istanbul where metro investments of 2019 billion Euros will be made with the total line length of approximately 430 until 10, the metros could be enriched with culture and art. Söylemez continued:
Iyor When it comes to the subway, only the transportation means comes to mind. However, examples in the world show that metros are places to host art and cultural events. For example, in London, which has the world's oldest and largest metro network, the first trip in the events organized within the framework of the 150 celebrations of the metron was revitalized, while the unused subway stations featured various shows and the 150 annual history of the subway. The New York subway is decorated with graffiti as well as live performances with musical instruments such as guitar, accordion and violin. In our country, the metros, which are not frequently used for artistic activities, are the 'life center' of the future when it is preferred for culture and art activities. In addition, all activities will contribute to the promotion of cities. Ayrıca
-İstanbul Metro Forum-
Söylemez, 9-10 April, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Tunneling Association Metro Working Group and the Association of Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology with the support of the Association of Trade Twinning Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Emphasizing the importance of his exhibition, he stated that the forum would shed light on environmental, fast, disabled-friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments, and many subcontractors and suppliers would have the opportunity to exchange information with the main contractors and administrations during the forum to exchange information on the latest developments.

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