70 Minutes with Istanbul - Ankara New YHT Line

70 Minutes with Istanbul - Ankara New YHT Line: Ankara - Istanbul provinces will get the new High Speed ​​Train line they deserve. As is known, Ankara - Istanbul YHT line was completed this year and went into service. Journey time 3 hours 45 minutes. It follows the old train route, stops by many cities such as Eskişehir - Izmit and stops at 8-9 locations. As I mentioned in a few articles on the same subject before, such an application does not exist in High Speed ​​Train technology. When it comes to YHT, there is no intermediate stop and it runs uninterruptedly between the two centers.
This fact has been seen as another route and as a shorter to connect our country to our two largest cities have been projected. No intermediate stops. Probably the route will not be visited by other settlements. So it will depart from Ankara, will arrive in Istanbul.
Journey time 70 minutes - The tender will be held this year (2015) and will be operational in 2019.
Vee speed 350 km per hour.
Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, the next period between Istanbul and Ankara will open a new High Speed ​​Train Line, said: "2019 1 10 hours between XNUMX minutes will be," he said.
Minister Lütfi Elvan made a statement about the new high-speed train lines. Elvan said that Istanbul will be tendered for a new line in 3, with a travel time of 45 hours and 2015 minutes now. It will be 2019 hour and 1 minutes. ”Stating that the high-speed train will not stop at the stops, Elvan said that the train will speed up to 10 kilometers, Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that they foreseen an investment of 350 billion dollars for the new line. "

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